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Do you have a website that is already implemented in a cms ? Do you want to use Joomla insted of other CMS? Then Look no further. We can convert your any CMS to a joomla Based Website. Joomla is very flexible and it is based on open source technologies. Moreso, Joomla has a active community support and provides a lot of extensions through which you can simply Plug - in new features / Functionality in your website. Joomla can be adapted for any type of website. Joomla can work as a Blog / Social Network / Corporate Website / E-Commerce Shop etc.

Joomla is a award winning content management system(CMS). Its much more flexible and user friendly then any other content management systems. Converting from your pre-existing content management system will give your website a usability boast and will make it easy to manage, maintain and extend.

Some of the benefits of converting into joomla include:

1. Extensibility

Joomla is a open source system and has a very active extension directory which includes a large number of 3rd party extensions( over 4000 and still counting ).These extensions range from simple slideshow to complex Ecommerce systems. With these extensions you can transform your website into anything from a simple informative website to a complex social networking platform.

Here are a few examples of what you can achieve through the use of various extensions available for joomla

  • A community discussion forum.
  • A social networking platform.
  • Complex E commerce platform.
  • Versatile membership management system.
  • Fully featured directories.
  • Great looking news websites.
  • Professional looking informtive websites.
  • Fan websites. and so on - The possibilities are virtually limitless.

2. Community support

Joomla has a very active community so whenever you face any problem with your website you can be sure that your query will be answered. Further more, PSD to joomla has a great online support which makes solving a issue painless and super easy.

3. Security

Joomla is a very hardend CMS. When you convert from other cms to joomla, you inherit its robustness. Any security flow is addressed immediately by the joomla bug squad which will help your website run smoothly and securely.

4. Ease of use (No coding skill required)

Administrating joomla is very easy.It features a very intutive backend which makes managing websites a breeze. You also do not need any coding skills, thanks to powerful WYSISYG editor which comes with every website developed by psdtojoomla.us. No more pondering through Html code.

You will get all this and more easily just ask one of our representatives. We will provide you a quote for migration and migrate your website to a development server for no extra cost. After that migration to your main server is again free and easy. Just give us the hosting details and cms to joomla is done painlessly.

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